The Bone Ships v Paracelsus

Book: The Bone ShipsAuthor: RJ BarkerPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2019 RJ Barker’s second trilogy opens with the POV character sat on an out of the way island drinking himself into oblivion. He’s nominally the captain of a ‘Black ship’ but only because the rest of the crew found it amusing to name him so. His authority isContinue reading “The Bone Ships v Paracelsus”

Legends & Lattes v Shepherd Neame IPA

Book: Legends and LattesAuthor: Travis BaldreePublisher: TorPublished: 2022 If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, or basically any other type of fantasy roleplaying game, have you found yourself thinking ‘I wonder what that NPC’s backstory is?’. Well if you have then this is the book for you. The protagonist of the taleContinue reading “Legends & Lattes v Shepherd Neame IPA”

The Ninth Rain v Slash Origin

Book: The Ninth RainAuthor: Jen WilliamsPublisher: HeadlinePublished: 2017 I loved Jen Williams’ debut series so much that when the Ninth Rain came out in 2017 it was an instant purchase. There was no disappointment to be had when I devoured the book immediately as everything which made Wydrin and co feel so fresh and brilliantContinue reading “The Ninth Rain v Slash Origin”

Daughter of Redwinter v Funky Drummer

Book: Daughter or RedwinterAuthor: Ed McDonaldPublished: 28th June 2022Publisher: Gollancz I absolutely adored McDonald’s debut trilogy, The Raven’s Mark, so as I leapt at the chance to read the e-arc of this as soon as I saw it on Netgalley. Subsequently, I was fortunate to attend an event in London where I got this picture,Continue reading “Daughter of Redwinter v Funky Drummer”

A Little Hatred v Slinky Vagabond

Book: A Little HatredAuthor: Joe AbercrombiePublisher: GollanczPublished: 2019 A Little Hatred introduces us to the next generation of movers & shakers in the world of The First Law, & reintroduces us to a few familiar – albeit significantly aged – faces. There are four principle POVs. They can be split in half with the firstContinue reading “A Little Hatred v Slinky Vagabond”

Dragonmaster v Sooty Foot

Book: Dragonmaster OmnibusAuthor: Chris BunchPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2007 (Storm of Wings – 2002) This is a series I pretty much never see talked about anywhere & I really don’t understand why because it is phenomenal. I’ve tried to write my own synopsis of the series before but could never summarise it in a way I wasContinue reading “Dragonmaster v Sooty Foot”

The Grey Bastards v Fantom

Book: The Grey BastardsAuthor: Jonathan FrenchPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2018 (Self-Published in 2015) Throughout the Lots, Hoofs of half-orcs provide a buffer between the ‘civilised’ humans and the rapacious full blooded orcs who are constantly trying to invade. Book one in the Lot Lands trilogy, its POV character is a half-orc called Jackal who is a memberContinue reading “The Grey Bastards v Fantom”

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell v Exploding Rainbows

Book: Jonathan Strange and Mr NorrellAuthor: Susanna ClarkePublisher: BloomsburyPublished: 2004 This is a book where you will need to be willing to appreciate the writing style as much as anything else. It is written in the style of a piece of 18th century high literary fiction, but with the proviso that the 19th century ofContinue reading “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell v Exploding Rainbows”

The Justice of Kings v What did you feel?

Book: The Justice of KingsAuthor: Richard SwanPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2022 Special thanks to Orbit for giving me access to an e-arc of this on Netgalley in return for an honest review. tJoK is written from the perspective of Helena Sedanka, clerk to the renowned Justice Sir Konrad Vonvalt. She speaks directly to the reader about eventsContinue reading “The Justice of Kings v What did you feel?”

Blackwing v Pendle Witches Brew

Book: BlackwingAuthor: Ed McDonaldPublisher: GollanczPublished: 2017 Quite simply this series is one of my favourites of all time, and I am not sure what that says about me as a person because this book is really f*cking bleak. That said, unlike most Grimdark you are never left devoid of hope, which I think is aContinue reading “Blackwing v Pendle Witches Brew”