The Dragon Bone Chair v Pine Trail

Beer: Pine Trail Style: Pale Ale Brewery: Big Drop Brewing Company Strength: 0.5% First thing I noticed about this one was how strong the hoppy and bitter taste was. That’s a proper beery flavour, which I don’t think I’ve really experienced much in AF beers. It still suffers a little from wateriness but that’s a minimal concern here because ofContinue reading “The Dragon Bone Chair v Pine Trail”

Assassin’s Apprentice v Eternal Waves

Book: Assassin’s Apprentice Author: Robin Hobb Publisher: HarperVoyager Published: 1995 I’ve seen a sort of mini-renaissance for the Realm Of The Elderlings recently among fantasy booktubers. On the one hand that is great but on the other I can’t help but feel like they are almost must-reads for anyone wishing to truly offer any insight into the genre. Hobb is oneContinue reading “Assassin’s Apprentice v Eternal Waves”

A Time of Dread v Full Fathom 5

Beer: Full Fathom 5 Style: Coconut & Coffee Porter Brewery: North Brewing Company Strength: 6.5% abv. I didn’t really get any coffee & only a hint of coconut, but that’s not a problem as the beer is delicious regardless. Ticks all the boxes for a cracking porter. Deep smokey flavour complemented by a sweet tinge on theContinue reading “A Time of Dread v Full Fathom 5”