Game of Thrones v Naughty & Nice

  • Book: Game of Thrones
  • Author: George RR Martin

There is not a lot that needs to be said about Game of Thrones if you like fantasy. Whether you’ve read the book or not, the chances are good that you’ve at least heard of the TV show and have some idea of what happens. All that said, if you haven’t read the book yet I’d still recommend it. Martin has an attention to detail that is almost unparalleled in modern fantasy. His worldbuilding is always on point and the characters are vibrant, often naughty and rarely nice. It’s a visceral look at the worst of humanity set against a backdrop of near incessant conflict.

  • Beer: Naughty & Nice
  • Type: Chocolate Stout
  • Brewery: Vocation
  • Strength: 5.9% abv

The night may be dark and full of terrors, but this beer is dark and full of flavour. It’s marketed as a chocolate stout but has closer to a coffee taste to me, almost like Tia Maria or Kahlua. It’s quite rich and strong-bodied so I don’t think I could drink a lot of them, but that’s fine because I also couldn’t drink it quickly either. Definitely one to sip and savour rather than gulp and swallow (it even says something on the can which I only saw after I’d written that).

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