Black Leopard Red Wolf v Shadow Stout

First post with a guest book review! Check out their bookstagram and give them a follow. Reviewer: Black Leopard Red WolfAuthor: Marlon JamesPublisher: PenguinPublished: 2019This book is fantastically written, and grips you in a wonderful way. The language is very explicit and the imagery vivid, but it’s a book worth reading. Hypnotic and confusing,Continue reading “Black Leopard Red Wolf v Shadow Stout”

The Hobbit v They’re Taking the Hobbitz to Isinglass

Beer: They’re Taking the Hobbitz to IsinglassBrewery: Fallen Acorn Brewing Co.Style: IPAStrength: 4.2% It comes in pints! With a label like that I couldn’t not buy the beer. Matching it with this edition of the Hobbit might be sort of cheating but it had to be done I can’t say that the flavour of isinglassContinue reading “The Hobbit v They’re Taking the Hobbitz to Isinglass”

The Dragon Reborn v Cherry Pie

Beer: Cherry PieBrewery: YonderStyle: Pastry SourStrength: 6% If you ever had ‘Toxic Waste’ sour sweets you will instantly recognise the taste of this beer. It is the liquid version of the cherry ones. For me, Sour beer isn’t a sessionable style. My experiences with them have been very hit and miss. This one is definitelyContinue reading “The Dragon Reborn v Cherry Pie”

The Last Smile in Sunder City v Independence

Book: The Last Smile in Sunder CityAuthor: Luke ArnoldPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2020 It’s been 6 years since magic left the world. This isn’t such a disaster for humanity but for the world’s magical entities it has been catastrophic. Dragons can no longer fly, the immortal races are no longer immortal and crucially for the mystery FetchContinue reading “The Last Smile in Sunder City v Independence”

Book: The Gauntlet and the Fist BeneathAuthor: Ian GreenPublisher: Head of ZeusPublished: 2021 I don’t very often pick up debuts on release, but I felt drawn to this book from when I first heard about it. As a new parent, the worst thing I can think of is anything happening to my daughter. So, perhapsContinue reading

The Bone Ship’s Wake v Diceman

I’m putting the beer review first because this is book 3 in a trilogy so to avoid spoilers don’t read beyond the beer! Beer: DicemanBrewery: Wychwood BreweryStyle: StoutStrength: 5% Very drinkable stout, which isn’t always a given with non-Guiness stouts. Good body to it, and a smokiness which comes through strongest. Best drunk cold, butContinue reading “The Bone Ship’s Wake v Diceman”

The Fifth Season v Ghost Ship

Book: The Fifth SeasonAuthor: N.K. JemisinPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2015 AFAIK the Broken Earth trilogy is the only series to have won the Hugo for best book for each entry. I think it’s important to go into this book with an awareness that you are about to read something which requires you to be switched on. It’sContinue reading “The Fifth Season v Ghost Ship”

Age of Assassins v Birra Moretti

Book: Age of AssassinsAuthor: RJ BarkerPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2017 Despite its name, this isn’t really an assassin book, in the same way the books about Fitz aren’t really about him being an assassin. Girton is an apprentice to a master assassin and has been ever since he was rescued from slavery as a child. Now aContinue reading “Age of Assassins v Birra Moretti”