Black Leopard Red Wolf v Shadow Stout

First post with a guest book review! Check out their bookstagram and give them a follow.

Book: Black Leopard Red Wolf
Author: Marlon James
Publisher: Penguin
Published: 2019
This book is fantastically written, and grips you in a wonderful way. The language is very explicit and the imagery vivid, but it’s a book worth reading. Hypnotic and confusing, the story is fascinating and original.

Set in a Fantasy world based upon African mythology, you follow Trackers story for a child. This child is dead, but that is not all you need to know… Although it took me 3 weeks to read the first half of this book, I read the second half in 3 days. Once it grips you, it doesn’t let go.

Beer: Shadow Stout
Brewery: Vocation Brewery on behalf of Shepperton Studios
Style: Stout
Strength: 6.6%

This beer was brewed for those on the darkside. Deep black colour with a hint of burnt red if you shine a light through it. Very smooth stout, which is just what you want, and a perfect blend of bitterness and sweet that makes it an enjoyable drink.

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