The Ninth Rain v Slash Origin

Book: The Ninth Rain
Author: Jen Williams
Publisher: Headline
Published: 2017

I loved Jen Williams’ debut series so much that when the Ninth Rain came out in 2017 it was an instant purchase. There was no disappointment to be had when I devoured the book immediately as everything which made Wydrin and co feel so fresh and brilliant was there with the new cast of characters, with the improvements in pacing, style and scope that come with experience as a writer.

As with the Copper Cat trilogy, there is a main set of 3 PoV characters. Lady Vicenza ‘Vintage’ de Grazon is an aristocrat with a penchant for exploration and investigation which puts her at odds with her family and class. She is essentially a female, fantasy version of Indiana Jones, and her main obsession is with the Jure’lia, a now near-mythical threat which has periodically supposedly lain waste to the world.

Vintage is accompanied by Tormalin, one of the very few remaining Eborians left alive. A once mighty race with a powerful civilisation, the Eborians are remembered now with a mixture of fear and awe. In the consciousness of humanity, they are akin to a hybrid of what we’d think of as Elves and Vampires, though they are distinct from that description too. Tourmalin has pretty well accepted his fate and instead of sitting around waiting for the inevitable end he intends to throw himself into a life of adventure and debauchery whenever it presents itself. He is sassy, witty and ‘beautiful’ but there is a delicate soul hidden underneath the facade waiting to come out.

The last member of the trio starts off quite reserved and secretive. Noon is an escaped witch with powers she barely understands and which are near-universally feared. There are also huge bats which can be saddled and ridden.

Beer: Slash Origin
Brewery: Licorne
Style: Blonde
Strength: 7.5%

Mmm, mmm. Yummy yummy beer. Yummy in my tummy 😋.

Brilliant tasting french blonde biere.

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