A Little Hatred v Slinky Vagabond

Book: A Little Hatred
Author: Joe Abercrombie
Publisher: Gollancz
Published: 2019

A Little Hatred introduces us to the next generation of movers & shakers in the world of The First Law, & reintroduces us to a few familiar – albeit significantly aged – faces.

There are four principle POVs. They can be split in half with the first two characters being primarily focused on the growing civil unrest in the industrial city of Valbeck. Conditions in the city have been getting progressively worse for the works there & two groups, The Breakers & Burners have emerged with radical ideas on how to change things. In the North the unrest is coming from the same direction as it did in The First Law, further North.

Orso is son to King Jezal & has every bit the decadent feel of a George IV pastiche. Name a vice & he probably has it. But this is an Abercrombie book so beneath the surface is a complex individual, not beyond at least having a go at some form of redemption.

Next is Savine dan Glokta. Yes, her father is that Glokta. Not having endured the depredations of her father’s experiences in a Gurkish torture chamber, Savine isn’t quite the sadist. She is however every bit as ruthless & has put her talents towards growing a commercial empire through shrewd investment.

First of the Northern POVs is Rikke, daughter of the Dogman & unfortunate possessor of the Long Eye (the ability to see the future)

Lastly is Leo Dan Brock, son of Harod dan Brock from The Heroes & grandson to the traitorous Lord Brock from the original trilogy. Newly risen to the position of Governor of Angland after the death of his father three years prior, though his mother Finree is essentially acting as regent while the Young Lion plays soldier.

Beer: Slinky Vagabond
Brewery: Creative Juices Brewing Company
Style: American IPA
Strength: 5.6%

Look at that gorgeous caramel colour. It feels like drinking sunshine, which goes perfectly with the perfectly balanced weather we had last weekend. Not too hot but very far from the misery of the last few months. Shame it didn’t last.

This brewery is local to my parents. It’s relatively new & I hadn’t had a chance to try any of their offerings before, a fact I now regret because this one was delicious.

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