The Black Prism v Lunardi’s

Beer: Lunardi’s Brewery: Tring Brewery Style: Oatmeal Pale Ale Strength: 4.2% Named for the 18th century “Daredevil Aeronaut” this beer was brewed reasonably locally to me. My Mum would also like me to mention that we have a family connection to the business of ballooning. Margaret Graham, the first woman to fly, is a directContinue reading “The Black Prism v Lunardi’s”

The Name of the Wind v Forest IPA

Book: The Name of the Wind Author: Patrick Rothfuss Publisher: Gollancz Published: 2007 Full disclosure, this is almost certainly my favourite book of all time and I have two signed copies. That should make it easier to write a recommendation but I find it does the opposite because there is just so much I wantContinue reading “The Name of the Wind v Forest IPA”

The Traitor v Warehouse Pale Ale

Book: The Traitor (‘The Traitor Baru Cormorant’ in the US) Author: Seth Dickinson Publisher: Tor Published: 2015 If you are a fan of politics in your fantasy fiction this book takes that to its peak. Baru is a naturally gifted young woman who, when her home is conquered and culture steamrollered she commits to aContinue reading “The Traitor v Warehouse Pale Ale”

Kings of the Wyld v Lagunitas IPA

Book: Kings of the Wyld Author: Nicholas Eames Publisher: Orbit Published: 2017 I cannot express just how much I liked the taste of this book. It is light and bubbly when it needs to be, but has a subtle depth that elevates the flavour. Perhaps not one for someone looking for something dark necessarily, butContinue reading “Kings of the Wyld v Lagunitas IPA”

The Red Knight v Old Speckled Hen

Book: The Red Knight Author: Miles Cameron Publisher: Gollancz Published: 2012 The unique and intriguing magic system, a world that feels far deeper than what you see, dozens of characters with their own personalities. This series ticks a lot of boxes for me. There is one aspect though on which it stands above almost anythingContinue reading “The Red Knight v Old Speckled Hen”

The Book with No Name v Tongerlo Bruin

Book: The Book With No Name Author: Anonymous Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books Ltd Published: 2007 If Quentin Tarantino took LSD and then let loose with a pen, this book is very close to what I imagine he’d come out with. To say it’s buck wild would be an understatement. It starts off at pace andContinue reading “The Book with No Name v Tongerlo Bruin”