The Black Prism v Lunardi’s

  • Beer: Lunardi’s
  • Brewery: Tring Brewery
  • Style: Oatmeal Pale Ale
  • Strength: 4.2%

Named for the 18th century “Daredevil Aeronaut” this beer was brewed reasonably locally to me. My Mum would also like me to mention that we have a family connection to the business of ballooning. Margaret Graham, the first woman to fly, is a direct ancestor, which is pretty cool.

The beer itself is very drinkable, if a little tart for my tastes. Sharp on the lips as well. The mango flavour described in the notes is subdued but definitely there and is a pleasant taste.

  • Book: The Black Prism
  • Author: Brent Weeks
  • Publisher: Orbit
  • Published: 2010

This is the first book in Brent Weeks’ very popular Lightbringer series. It is a multi-POV epic fantasy spanning 5 chunky books, all of which made the NYT bestseller list.

Gavin Guile is the Prism, the de facto Emperor of the 7 satrapies. His rule was expected to last 7 years, but by some unknown miracle the waning of a Prism’s powers which usually signals the end of their term has not affected Gavin.

Karris is a blackguard – one of the Chromeria’s elite soldiers- & Gavin’s erstwhile fiancé. She is tasked with joining Gavin on a trip to Tyrea where a rebellion lead by ‘King’ Garadul is gaining traction.

There they meet Kip who turns out to be Gavin’s bastard son. A realisation that really throws the cat amongst the pigeons.

There are two aspects of this series that really make it stand out. The magic system, & its investigation of the power of religion.

The magic system is based on the light spectrum. Most ‘Drafters’ can draft a single colour on the spectrum with each colour’s luxin having different magical properties. Rarer drafters can draft two or more colours & the rarest of the rare are known as full-spectrum polychromes & they can draft all the known colours. Above them is the Prism, the one drafter who can draft all colours without fear of ‘breaking the halo’. When a drafter reaches a certain point their eyes fill with their colour & they supposedly go mad. One of the Prism’s roles is to sacrifice a drafter once they break the halo in an annual ceremony known as the ‘freeing’.

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