Kings of the Wyld v Lagunitas IPA

  • Book: Kings of the Wyld
  • Author: Nicholas Eames
  • Publisher: Orbit
  • Published: 2017

I cannot express just how much I liked the taste of this book. It is light and bubbly when it needs to be, but has a subtle depth that elevates the flavour. Perhaps not one for someone looking for something dark necessarily, but a great palate cleanser if you find yourself with a bad taste in the mouth.

The set-up to Kings of the Wyld is great and is the prime selling point in my opinion. Clay Cooper is a retired merc in a world where bands of mercenaries are treated like the rockstars of the ‘real’ world. Saga – the band he was once in – were among the best, but by the time of KotW their glory days are well and truly in the past. Clay has grown used to the comforts of home life, albeit he finds himself a little bored. Enter ‘Golden Gabe’, Saga’s frontman, and stereotypical ageing rocker dad, with a problem. His wayward daughter has followed in his footsteps and formed a band. The problem is she has been caught up in a siege on the other side of the Heartwyld and Gabe needs Clay’s help to put the band back together for one last hurrah.

Expect a brilliant blend of 70s pop culture references, a bestiary of creatures to rival DnD’s monster book, and a cast of characters who will have you laughing and crying in equal measure.

  • Beer: Lagunitas IPA
  • Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Company
  • Style: IPA
  • Strength: 6.2%

Refreshingly bitter beer. Perhaps not the most suited to British weather as it’s definitely a summer flavour and needs to be drunk somewhere sunny that doesn’t require too much use of your legs afterwards. Its strong but goes down as easy as a session beer so if you were drinking this in a pub you’d likely be pissed before you knew it. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as it’s nice enough that you’ll be smiling all the way to hurl in the bogs.

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