The Great Hunt v Chouffe Blanche

Book: The Great Hunt
Author: Robert Jordan
Publisher: Orbit
Published: 1990

Not sure if this is the consensus but, in my opinion, The Great Hunt is a much more enjoyable read than the Eye of the World, though I do enjoy EotW a lot too. It could only achieve this though by being able to build on the strong foundations laid in EotW though. In the second book in the Wheel of Time, we are moving away from the Tolkien trope heavy first book and starting to see more of what Jordan has planned. It becomes far more self-reflective and the relationships between the groups of characters start to flesh out a bit more, especially as they start to splinter off into cliques.

The boys are off looking for the Horn of Valere and the girls are now at Tar Valon beginning their training to become Aes Sedai. The plot is a lot easier to condense into a quick summary than the previous as well, but that isn’t because there isn’t still a lot going on. It’s just that the structure is more linear. Things happen, but they happen along the way so to speak.

I’ve seen it reported in some places that the tv show is going to be dipping into The Great Hunt during the first season, which I am interested to see how that is handled, and whether it is a case of some events that happen in tGH instead happening concurrently with those in EotW somehow or whether it happens according to the book chronology.

Beer: Chouffe Blanche
Brewery: Brasserie d’Achouffe
Style: Belgian Witbier
Strength: 6.5%

Not the biggest fan of witbiers but this one isn’t too bad. Pretty standard flavour, strongish aftertaste but not unpleasantly so. Happy to drink but wouldn’t buy again.

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