Eragon v 1356

Book: Eragon
Author: Christopher Paolini
Publisher: Doubleday
Published: 2004

For me, one of the best things about Ergaon and the Inheritance cycle is that it was written by someone who was themself the age of the target demographic. That isn’t to say that middle-grade and YA books written by adults are inherently inferior, that would obviously be ridiculous. Just this one in particular I think benefited immensely from the perspective Paolini brought to it.

Eragon is an orphaned farm boy, brought up by his uncle, who discovers a dragon egg. When it hatches he meets the dragon Saphira and they form a magical bond which makes Eragon the first new Dragon rider in generations. They travel across the land of Alagaesia to join with the Varden – a rebellion against the ‘evil’ King Galbatorix – aided by (Obi) Brom (Kenobi).

It would never win any awards for originality, is my point (unless it did in which case I retract my statement, lol). The book wears its influences on its sleeves. This might be a mark against it if it weren’t for the heart, soul and passion that Paolini’s prose breathed into the story. He was every teenager who wanted to write their own Lord of the Rings, their own Wheel of Time, their own Star Wars, and he did it really damn well in my opinion.

I loved reading these books when I was a young teen, and I still get a nostalgic thrill if I re-read them. And since Ms Rowling’s hideous political beliefs have somewhat tainted my enjoyment of HP for the minute, I have been so grateful that I had this series and The Edge Chronicles to still remember so fondly. Fortunately for my sanity I have only watched the ridiculously sh*t film adaptation the once, and won’t watch it ever again. So that’s not going to taint the books for me. Very much onboard with the idea of Disney investing in a remake at some point.

Beer: 1356
Brewery: Brasserie de Bellefois
Style: Biēre blonde
Strength: 5.6%

If someone with a better knowledge of history can tell me why a French brewery would commemorate the Battle of Poitiers then I’d love to know. Afaik it was a major English victory.

This is a lovely artisan beer my dad picked up from a roadside farm shop when he and my mum went to the south of France recently. Quite malty and beautifully floral flavour.

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