The Gospel of Loki v Cloudburst

  • Book: The Gospel of Loki
  • Author: Joanne Harris
  • Publisher: Gollancz
  • Published: 2015

You may know some of the stories from Norse Myth – how Thor dressed as a bride in order to recover Mjolnir from the giants – or you may only know the versions of it’s characters from the MCU. Either way I think you will find a fresh and singular experience in this book.

On the face of it, this is a fairly simple retelling of the classic Norse myths albeit from the perspective of their primary antagonist. But it’s much more than that. The Loki Harris envisages and introduces us to through this first person account, while all the things you’d expect – witty, charming, sneaky, tricksy – is so much more vibrant and fleshed out than that. He has a method to the madness which you don’t see explored much elsewhere.

Until I’d watched the new MCU Loki, I hadn’t experienced a version of Loki which came close to the depth of the version presented in this book. So I’d recommend this regardless of whatever prejudices you may hold towards the character from other media.

  • Beer: Cloudburst
  • Brewery: Mad Squirrel
  • Style: New England DIPA
  • Strength: 8%
  • Hops: Galaxy and Brew One

Well spank my arse and call me Malcolm, that packs a punch. It’s tough as balls and lets you know it. Slight sourness, loads of bitter hoppy goodness and a deeeeep fleshy fruit flavour. 

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