The Fellowship of the Ring v Raven King

  • Book: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Author: JRR Tolkien
  • Published: George Allen & Unwin (this edition) HarperCollins (currently)
  • Published: 1954

QOTD: What does The Lord of the Rings mean to you?

Not going to bother with a summary or recommendation. If you’re a fantasy fan then you will have either read it or already made up your mind on whether you want to or not I suspect.

Lord of the Rings wasn’t the book to get me into Fantasy, nor was the Hobbit even, at least not directly. If it wasn’t for them though I don’t know whether I’d have become the avid fantasy fan I am. It’s their influence on my dad, and thus by extension me that lead to me exploring more worlds than I can count. They drew him in and he never let go of the magic.

So when I was done with Harry Potter (or waiting for the next), which my mum introduced me to (I’ll talk about that in another post) there he was with recommendations of his own. From Shannara to Osten Ard via eventual duds (to me) like the Sword of Truth series. Then when there were no more books on his bookshelf we began to collect together – reading, talking and sharing our opinions of what we read – until eventually, I was the one recommending things to him more often than not.

I owe this shared passion in no small part to Mr Tolkien and Middle Earth.

(Today’s pictures were taken in my Dad’s garden, and this copy of Lord of the Rings is his)

  • Beer: Raven King
  • Brewery: Tring Brewery Co.
  • Style: IPA
  • Strength: 5.5%
  • Hops: Citra and Mosaic

There is a distinct grapefruit smell given off by this beer, but that doesn’t entirely come through strongly in the taste. It’s more subtle there. It’s dry, crisp and refreshing but I think it might lack the depth of a third variety of hops to elevate it. All that said, I would happily drink a lot of it. It’s a nice IPA, but I think its branding is maybe more than it can live up to because I mean… just look at that artwork.

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