A Little Hatred v Slinky Vagabond

Book: A Little HatredAuthor: Joe AbercrombiePublisher: GollanczPublished: 2019 A Little Hatred introduces us to the next generation of movers & shakers in the world of The First Law, & reintroduces us to a few familiar – albeit significantly aged – faces. There are four principle POVs. They can be split in half with the firstContinue reading “A Little Hatred v Slinky Vagabond”

Dragonmaster v Sooty Foot

Book: Dragonmaster OmnibusAuthor: Chris BunchPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2007 (Storm of Wings – 2002) This is a series I pretty much never see talked about anywhere & I really don’t understand why because it is phenomenal. I’ve tried to write my own synopsis of the series before but could never summarise it in a way I wasContinue reading “Dragonmaster v Sooty Foot”

The Grey Bastards v Fantom

Book: The Grey BastardsAuthor: Jonathan FrenchPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2018 (Self-Published in 2015) Throughout the Lots, Hoofs of half-orcs provide a buffer between the ‘civilised’ humans and the rapacious full blooded orcs who are constantly trying to invade. Book one in the Lot Lands trilogy, its POV character is a half-orc called Jackal who is a memberContinue reading “The Grey Bastards v Fantom”

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell v Exploding Rainbows

Book: Jonathan Strange and Mr NorrellAuthor: Susanna ClarkePublisher: BloomsburyPublished: 2004 This is a book where you will need to be willing to appreciate the writing style as much as anything else. It is written in the style of a piece of 18th century high literary fiction, but with the proviso that the 19th century ofContinue reading “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell v Exploding Rainbows”