Orconomics v Spared no Expense

Book: OrconomicsAuthor: J. Zachary PikePublisher: Self-Published – Gnomish Press LLCPublished: 2014 Winner of the 2018 Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, which if you haven’t heard of I encourage you to google it, Orconomics is a brilliant blend of economic theory with DnD style shenanigans. Does that sound weird? Understandable really, but honestly it shouldn’t put you offContinue reading “Orconomics v Spared no Expense”

One Word Kill v Norse Star III

Book: One Word KillAuthor: Mark LawrencePublisher: 47NorthPublished: 2019 This is a single sitting book. It’s pacy and exciting from the start. What it isn’t though is anything like any of the author’s other work to date (or is it…). In a departure from the Grimdark fantasy Lawrence is famous for, this book centres on aContinue reading “One Word Kill v Norse Star III”

Black Leopard Red Wolf v Shadow Stout

First post with a guest book review! Check out their bookstagram and give them a follow. Reviewer: https://instagram.com/biblio.jack?utm_medium=copy_linkBook: Black Leopard Red WolfAuthor: Marlon JamesPublisher: PenguinPublished: 2019This book is fantastically written, and grips you in a wonderful way. The language is very explicit and the imagery vivid, but it’s a book worth reading. Hypnotic and confusing,Continue reading “Black Leopard Red Wolf v Shadow Stout”

The Hobbit v They’re Taking the Hobbitz to Isinglass

Beer: They’re Taking the Hobbitz to IsinglassBrewery: Fallen Acorn Brewing Co.Style: IPAStrength: 4.2% It comes in pints! With a label like that I couldn’t not buy the beer. Matching it with this edition of the Hobbit might be sort of cheating but it had to be done I can’t say that the flavour of isinglassContinue reading “The Hobbit v They’re Taking the Hobbitz to Isinglass”

The Dragon Reborn v Cherry Pie

Beer: Cherry PieBrewery: YonderStyle: Pastry SourStrength: 6% If you ever had ‘Toxic Waste’ sour sweets you will instantly recognise the taste of this beer. It is the liquid version of the cherry ones. For me, Sour beer isn’t a sessionable style. My experiences with them have been very hit and miss. This one is definitelyContinue reading “The Dragon Reborn v Cherry Pie”