The Twilight Herald v Faith in Futures

Book: The Twilight Herald
Author: Tom Lloyd
Publisher: Gollancz
Published: 2009

This is the second book in the Twilight Reign series. Stormcaller is a good fantasy book and I’ve enjoyed it both times I’ve read it. TR though is exceptional. I think it is sadly overlooked because the preceding book is good but not great. Otherwise I’m adamant that TR would be talked about alongside Kingkiller Chronicles, Gentleman Bastards, First Law, Mistborn etc. It really is that good imo.

Also a perfect one for October because it will do a number on your senses.

Something very strange is happening in the relatively small city of Scree. All the movers and shakers in the world are being inexorably drawn there.

It’s a book where the characters are secondary to the events. There are a lot of POVs which might be jarring to some, but this just adds to the sense of grim foreboding that builds and builds over the course of the book. Because Scree is descending into madness. Yes, the city itself and everyone within it and nobody seems to realise just what’s going on. Think of Lucy Westenra or Jack Torrance but city wide.

It’s not an easy read by any means but you’ll come away with your jaw having dropped repeatedly lower and lower. Genuinely, my only criticism is that you probably can’t read it without having read Stormcaller first, which isn’t a major one as Stormcaller is also well worth a read

Beer: Faith in Futures
Brewery: Northern Monk
Style: DDH IPA
Strength: 6.5%
Hops: Citra & El Dorado

Personally I don’t have much faith in any future at the moment, but this is a beer review not a nihilists moan about the state of the World. And this is a collaboration with an optimistic charity after all.

This is a perfect beer for a Friday night. A hint of orange cuts through the hops. Satisfyingly strong after a tough work week but light enough not to trigger too much melancholia 🤣. Tasted best when I took larger mouthfuls, as opposed to sips.

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