The Last Wish v Dexter

  • Book: The Last Wish
  • Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
  • Publisher: Gollancz
  • Published: 1993 (English translation 2007)

With the trailer for season 2 of the tv show dropping this week I thought it was time to post this one. The Last Wish is the first book in the Witcher series. It is not really a novel, although there is a framing narrative which ties the collection of short stories together. I really like the concept as an introduction to a fantasy world and would like to see more authors release books like this. I suspect it would be much harder to do in the traditionally published world, but for self-publishing I think it could be a real winner. Especially for a new author who is trying out different styles and techniques. Who says it is a steadfast rule that you need to hide away all your early work?

The framing narrative shows Geralt of Rivia resting and recuperating with an order of healers at a temple. He then looks back and reflects on recent events in his life. Each of these reflections forms one of the short stories.

At the risk of rehashing what I’m sure the majority of people will know or be vaguely aware of due to the video games or netflix series, Geralt is a Witcher – a magically mutated human – who scours the lands for monsters and then dispatches them for a fee. Witchers are feared, reviled and often told to f*ck off from wherever they turn up. They are also begrudgingly hired when the people affected by some magical meanie have exhausted all other options.

  • Beer: Dexter Salted Caramel
  • Brewery: Kirkstall Brewery
  • Style: Milk Stout
  • Strength: 4.5%

I can definitely taste what they mean when they suggest there is a salted caramel tone to this beer. It is more prominent in the aroma though which is deliciously sweet, but not in an overly rich or off putting way if you were planning to drink a few of these. Was a lovely choice for this evening where it was still 28c at 19:00. Stouts can be hit and miss for me in the heat because of how heavy they can be, but this one was sufficiently easy on the way down. Lovely beer, with a gorgeous colour in the glass.

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