The Bone Ships v Paracelsus

Book: The Bone ShipsAuthor: RJ BarkerPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2019 RJ Barker’s second trilogy opens with the POV character sat on an out of the way island drinking himself into oblivion. He’s nominally the captain of a ‘Black ship’ but only because the rest of the crew found it amusing to name him so. His authority isContinue reading “The Bone Ships v Paracelsus”

Legends & Lattes v Shepherd Neame IPA

Book: Legends and LattesAuthor: Travis BaldreePublisher: TorPublished: 2022 If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, or basically any other type of fantasy roleplaying game, have you found yourself thinking ‘I wonder what that NPC’s backstory is?’. Well if you have then this is the book for you. The protagonist of the taleContinue reading “Legends & Lattes v Shepherd Neame IPA”