The Last Smile in Sunder City v Independence

Book: The Last Smile in Sunder CityAuthor: Luke ArnoldPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2020 It’s been 6 years since magic left the world. This isn’t such a disaster for humanity but for the world’s magical entities it has been catastrophic. Dragons can no longer fly, the immortal races are no longer immortal and crucially for the mystery FetchContinue reading “The Last Smile in Sunder City v Independence”

Book: The Gauntlet and the Fist BeneathAuthor: Ian GreenPublisher: Head of ZeusPublished: 2021 I don’t very often pick up debuts on release, but I felt drawn to this book from when I first heard about it. As a new parent, the worst thing I can think of is anything happening to my daughter. So, perhapsContinue reading