The Bone Ship’s Wake v Diceman

I’m putting the beer review first because this is book 3 in a trilogy so to avoid spoilers don’t read beyond the beer! Beer: DicemanBrewery: Wychwood BreweryStyle: StoutStrength: 5% Very drinkable stout, which isn’t always a given with non-Guiness stouts. Good body to it, and a smokiness which comes through strongest. Best drunk cold, butContinue reading “The Bone Ship’s Wake v Diceman”

The Fifth Season v Ghost Ship

Book: The Fifth SeasonAuthor: N.K. JemisinPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2015 AFAIK the Broken Earth trilogy is the only series to have won the Hugo for best book for each entry. I think it’s important to go into this book with an awareness that you are about to read something which requires you to be switched on. It’sContinue reading “The Fifth Season v Ghost Ship”

Age of Assassins v Birra Moretti

Book: Age of AssassinsAuthor: RJ BarkerPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2017 Despite its name, this isn’t really an assassin book, in the same way the books about Fitz aren’t really about him being an assassin. Girton is an apprentice to a master assassin and has been ever since he was rescued from slavery as a child. Now aContinue reading “Age of Assassins v Birra Moretti”