The Free Bastards v Riggwelter

Book: The Free BastardsAuthor: Jonathan FrenchPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2021 POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNINGS This is the last book in the Lot Lands trilogy. I’m not going to give much background on the series as I intend to do a review of book 1 (the Grey Bastards) once I find the right beer to go with it. IContinue reading “The Free Bastards v Riggwelter”

The Gutter Prayer v Analogue Set

Book: The Gutter PrayerAuthor: Gareth HanrahanPublished: 2019Publisher: Orbit While the rest of the world is little more than a playground for gods to act like children, endlessly warring in inconceivable ways, Guerdon stands alone as a godless bastion of relative ‘safety’. But it wasn’t always godless & things are beginning to stir in the cityContinue reading “The Gutter Prayer v Analogue Set”

The Goblin Emperor v North Bridge

Book: The Goblin EmperorAuthor: Katherine AddisonPublisher: SolarisPublished: 2014 There are not a lot of books like this one. It is a phenomenal piece of fantasy and deserves to go down in the annals as a classic of the genre. You won’t find any of the swashbuckling, high stakes adventuring that you find in the majorityContinue reading “The Goblin Emperor v North Bridge”

The Shadow of What Was Lost v Looper

Beer: LooperBrewery: Full Circle Brew Co.Style: IPAStrength: 6.4%Hops: Citra, Mosaic & Cashmere I was told when I bought this from @wishfuldrinking that this was a favourite of their regulars. I now know why. It’s an essentially perfect IPA. Wonderfully floral to the nose, delightfully hoppy, & with a tight, sharp mouth feel. I’d drink aContinue reading “The Shadow of What Was Lost v Looper”

Chronicles of the Black Company v Love it or Hate it

Beer: Love it or Hate itBrewery: Camden Town collab. with MarmiteStyle: Marmite AleStrength: 4.8% I like Marmite. On toast, to thicken gravy, as stock for stews & sauces, as a glaze for roasties. Did I anticipate it in my beer? No. But why not? Marmite is after all made from concentrates yeast extract which isContinue reading “Chronicles of the Black Company v Love it or Hate it”

The Waking Fire v City of Cake

Book: The Waking FireAuthor: Anthony RyanPublisher: OrbitPublished: 2016 I’m currently reading Anthony Ryan’s latest book, The Pariah, and really liking it. As I haven’t finished it yet though, here is my thoughts on the first book of one of his previous series. Magic based on ingesting the blood of dragons. Do I need to sayContinue reading “The Waking Fire v City of Cake”